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Takeaway Boxes

Franks Stationery offers huge selections of quality, food-grade takeaway boxes and containers designed to keep your food fresh and tasty. Our range includes containers of all shapes and sizes, from some of the top catering brands.

We understand that both cost and sustainability are important considerations when choosing takeaway containers, which is why we offer an affordable range with a wide variety of options. 

At Franks Stationery, we've been providing quality stationery, catering and business supplies to customers for over 50 years, based in Seaford, Victoria, and shipping all over Australia. Plus, our wide range gives you the ability to order all the items you need from one place. 

For the best takeaway boxes and other catering supplies, look no further than Franks Stationery. With their massive online selection and reliable shipping, you can shop with confidence. Get the products you want, when you need them, from the experts at Franks Stationery.

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